Davis Aviation Services - We are your aircraft engine repair specialists! We specialize in aircraft engine repairs and overhaul for Cessna Aircraft, Cessna 180, Cessna 182, Cessna 185, Cessna 188, Cessna 206, Cessna T206, Cessna 207, Cessna T207, and Cessna 210. Aviation engines, Lycoming, Teledyne, Continental, Cessna, Beechcraft, RAM, Aviadesign, Berl D'Shannon, Davis Aviation, C&S Industries, GAMI, Atlantic Aero & experimental aircraft engine repair.
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About Davis Aviation Services

Davis Aviation Services, Inc. is one of the world's largest distribution networks for aviation products and services. We offer various engine and propeller conversions for a variety of aircraft, including the single engine Cessna line, through our worldwide distribution network. These upgrades were developed in the form of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) issued by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which modifies the original type certificate for which an aircraft would be manufactured. They include higher horsepower engine and propeller upgrades, propeller only upgrades and engine mount upgrades. There are 13 different STC's owned by Davis Aviation but relationships have been developed with other STC holders to offer their product line for other aircraft. Davis Aviation is an OEM distributor for Hartzell Propeller Inc. and McCauley Propeller Systems, as well as Lord Corporation, Mitchell Aircraft and United Instruments.

Background -

Donna Jones has been involved in aviation for twelve years and operates the Tennessee location. She assisted in the development of the STC product line from three upgrades to thirty four different upgrades with Bonaire Aviation Company. Davis Aviation Services purchased Bonaire's product line in 1998. Some of the product line was sold to other STC holders with an agreement that Davis could still offer the upgrades on their behalf. The balance of the product line has been maintained and marketed through a worldwide distributor network handled by the Tennessee office.

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