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Cessna 206 Cessna 206
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Cessna 206

Davis Aviation Services, Inc., now offers the STC to convert your Cessna 206 to the IO-550 with the various propeller options!

Formerly known worldwide as the "Bonaire 550", this conversion provides for the upgrade to the IO-550 engine. With either the McCauley or the Hartzell propeller option, performance is phenomenal with shorter takeoff roll, increased rate of climb, and faster cruise speeds.

Upgrade offered for Cessna 206 or P206 aircraft (serial #0001 and subsequent) equipped with the IO-520 A and IO-520 F engine.

Davis Aviation Services, Inc., offers Hartzell three blade and McCauley three blade propeller upgrades for the Cessna 206 to accompany your existing IO-520 engine. The remainder of the IO-550 upgrade can be purchased, as you approach TBO, to complete the performance modification.

IO-550 Conversion Improvements:
  • 15% More Horsepower at Cruise.
  • Quieter operation: the noise level at 2700 RPM is greatly reduced.
  • 10-12 MPH additional cruise speed with the "Black Mac" or the "Top Prop".
  • 15-20 MPH additional cruise speed with the new Hartzell "Schimitar" prop.
  • 10%-20% better rate of climb at gross Continuous 300HP without limitations.
  • Short field take-off 10%-20% less at full gross weight.

Cessna 206 Performance and Test Data

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Cessna 206 Testimonials

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